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Images that built the greatness of South America

Football in South America was built on generations of players and leaders who catapulted the aptly named "continent of football" to first world excellence.

No one can argue the contribution of South America in the development of football, with celebrated personalities who achieved notoriety step by step based on sacrifice and integrity, becoming messengers of fair play... pays homage to the thousands of men and women who urged on the magnanimity of football as a tool for peaceful coexistence, respect and solidarity and quality of life among peoples.

The outstanding Manuel Fleitas Solich.
1924 tournament. Paraguay versus Uruguay. Chilean referee Arturo Parodi. The captains Manuel Fleitas Solich and José Nasazzi, together with the linesmen.
1999 champion Brazil with Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Cafú and Emerson.
Bassa, Terry, Rivera, “Vides” Mosquera and Seminario. Peruvian attack of 1957.
The Olympic generation. Arispe, Urdinarán, Gestido, Mazali, Nasazzi, Arremón, Petrone, Anselo, Castro, Fernández, Andrade. Uruguay in the 20's and 30's. The Copa America launched many stars.
1971. Unión Española of Chile. Standing: Remigio Avendaño, Antonio Arias, Hugo Berly, Carlos Pacheco, Manuel Rodríguez, Leopoldo Vallejos. Kneeling: Rogelio Farías, Alberto González, Guillermo Yávar, Osvaldo González y Leonardo Véliz.
1971. Argentine Raul Castronuovo, a key player for Peñarol, was one of the top scorers in this edition, sharing the accolades with compatriot Luis Artime, who defended the colors of Nacional.
1971. Héctor Chumpitaz and Arturo Gallardo, two star players of Peruvian football meant in this edition wearing the colors of Universitario and Sporting Cristal, respectively.
1971. Luis Ubiña, the captain of the new champion of America, shows to the fans in the Nacional Stadium in Lima the trophy that his team had failed to win in 3 finals. To the far right is Teofilo Salinas, president of CONMEBOL.
1971. Club Nacional. Standing: Manga, Juan Masnik, Luis Ubiña, Juan Carlos Blanco, Atlio Ancheta, Julio Montero Castillo. Kneeling: Luis Cubilla, Víctor Espárrago, Ildo Maneiro, Luis Artime, Julio César Morales.
1970. In October of 1969 Francisco Bertocchi scored 8 goals in a game when his team LDU defeated America of Ambato 11-0.
1970. Alberto Quintano, star center back for the "U" of Chile.
1970. Liga de Quito. Standing: Noboa, Muñoz, Alé, Portilla, Tobar, Mantilla. Kneeling: Salazar, Tapia, Ríos, Bertocchi, Larrea.
1970. Semifinals. Estudiantes de La Plata 3 River Plate 1. Ex-River player Jorge Raúl Solari opens the scoring for Estudiantes.
1970. Boca Juniors 1. River Plate 1. With this goal by Daniel Onega, River Plate tied the classic at La Bombonera and qualified for the semifinals in an overflowing stadium.
1970. The popular Boca Juniors. Standing: Roberto Rogel, Miguel Nicolau, Antonio Roma, Rubén Suñé, Norberto Madurga, Silvio Marzolini. Kneeling: Ramón Ponce, Raúl Savoy, Ángel Clemente Rojas, Orlando Medina, Ignacio Peña.
1970. Universitario de Lima, Peru. Standin: Enrique Casaretto, Juan José Muñante, Pecy Rojas, Roberto Challe. Middle: Juan Carlos Oblitas, Oswaldo “Cachito” Ramírez, Fernando Alva and Ángel Uribe. Sitting: Percy Vilchez, Víctor Calatayud, Carlos Jurado.
1970. In 1960 Juan Vicente Lezcano played in the Copa final with Olimpia and won the final with Peñarol. In 1970 he returned to Olimpia.