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Copa América 2015

Copa América 2015


Above is the headquarters of the Chilean Football Federation, the entity responsible for the organization of the 2015 edition of the oldest continental tournament in the world: the Copa America Tournament.


The oldest continental tournament in the world

"The Heart of Football" is the official slogan that the Chilean Football Federation gave to the 2015 edition of the Copa America, during a ceremony, on Wednesday, April 2, 2014, in the city of Santiago.  The forty-fourth edition of this traditional event, inspired the creation of the South American Football Confederation, or more widely known as CONMEBOL.

It will be the seventh edition of the Copa America that takes place in the Republic of Chile, and took place from June 11th to July 4th, 2015.  The staff of CONMEBOL, headed by its President, Juan Angel Napout, and the host, VP Sergio Jadue, also head of Chile's Football Federation, led the ceremony, along with other important figures to the likes of Elias Figueroa, Ivan Zamorano and Chile's national team head coach, Jorge Sampaoli.

CONMEBOL paid tribute to Sergio Livingstone, the Chilean player with the record of 34 games played during the Copa America tournament.  The hosting cities for the tournament were: Antofagasta, La Serena, Vina del Mar, Valparaiso, Rancagua, Concepcion, Temuco and Santiago de Chile.


                      Sergio Livingstone

Stadiums are the first order of business

"We met at the headquarters of the Federation, and Mr. Jadue and his team gave a report on all of their venues. The stadiums will be up to the requirements, for this high end competition.  Fittingly, a delegation from CONMEBOL will visit each of the stadiums for a proper evaluation." "I have always maintained that the Chileans fans love football and any disagreement that may arise will be discussed in a comprehensive and consistent dialogue, where common sense will prevail".


National Interest

"I remember the first time I came as head of the delegation of my country, 32 years ago during the 1991 edition.  It was a very nice experience.  Chile defeated us, because we were in the same group and they went on to advance.  However, I could sense that for the Chilean people this was a very important event, and now as president of CONMEBOL, the atmosphere has not changed."

"The Federation of Chile and CONMEBOL are respectful of government agencies.  And we know that each side will do its part so that the entire South American continent feels proud about what we have done."

"I expressed to Mr. Sergio Jadue, our satisfaction in hearing the many details about security, communications, transportation, maintenance, hospitality, and other related issues, and the willingness of the Federation to comply in every aspect. Next October 24th in the city of Asuncion, the presidents of the associations will meet to consider all the organizational aspects of Chile's 2015 Copa America. "


The popular phrases ...

"It will be a great World festival, the seventh to be organized in our country." "The Chilean Football Federation will not miss its opportunity to reach the highest of standards, putting Chile at the height of the most important event in the world" SERGIO JADUE JADUE (President of the Football Federation of Chile).

On Monday, November 24, 2014, the city of Vina del Mar, will serve as the framework of the draw ceremony. The Heart of the South American Football, the 2015 Copa America, will serve as a sign of hope, and a message of harmony for everyone ... Chile awaits us ...


Hosting Stadiums


City: Valparaíso.

Stadium: Elías Figueroa Brander.

Capacity: 21.113 


City: Antofagasta.

 Stadium: Regional Calvo y Bascuñán.

Capacity: 21.170 


City: La Serena.

Stadium: La Portada.

Capacity: 18.243 


City: Rancagua.

Stadium: El Teniente.

Capacity: 13.849 


City: Concepción.

Stadium: Ester Roa.

Capacity: 30.448 


City: Temuco.

Stadium: Bicentenario Germán Becker.

Capacity: 18.413 


City: Viña del Mar.

Stadium: Sausalito.

Capacity: 22.360 


City: Santiago.

Stadium: Nacional.

Capacity: 48.745


The oldest competition in the continent

The Copa América is the oldest international soccer competition contested between men's national teams in the world and is approaching its 100th anniversary.  

The tournament had its beginnings when it was organized in 1916 in Buenos Aires.  Argentina wanted to have a tournament to celebrate their 100th anniversary of independence.  It was decided that the tournament would be held between Argentina and the then existing associations (Chile, Uruguay, Brazil).  

The four associations all responded affirmatively and set about preparing for the tournament.  This tournament started an enthusiasm in soccer pioneers in other countries.  From then on the Copa América was contested annually and then later in different years.    

The Copa América has been a hugely successful tournament since its beginning and is in the hearts of all of its fans having even influenced customs so that it is a tool for progress and integration.