Copa América

The Copa América is the oldest international soccer competition contested between men's national teams in the world and is approaching its 100th anniversary.  

The tournament had its beginnings when it was organized in 1916 in Buenos Aires.  Argentina wanted to have a tournament to celebrate their 100th anniversary of independence.  It was decided that the tournament would be held between Argentina and the then existing associations (Chile, Uruguay, Brazil).  

The four associations all responded affirmatively and set about preparing for the tournament.  This tournament started an enthusiasm in soccer pioneers in other countries.  From then on the Copa América was contested annually and then later in different years.    

The Copa América has been a hugely successful tournament since its beginning and is in the hearts of all of its fans having even influenced customs so that it is a tool for progress and integration.

The 2015 edition host will be Chile for the seventh time.  The stadiums are already prepared for this 44th edition and there is a palpable expectation among the South American fans for this great tradition.

The Champions: 
1916/17 Uruguay
1919 Brasil
1920 Uruguay
1921 Argentina
1922 Brasil
1923/24 Uruguay
1925 Argentina
1926 Uruguay
1927/29 Argentina
1935 Uruguay
1937 Argentina
1939 Perú
1941 Argentina
1942 Uruguay
1945/46/47 Argentina
1949 Brasil
1953 Paraguay
1955 Argentina
1956 Uruguay
1957/59 Argentina
1963 Bolivia
1967 Uruguay
1975 Perú
1979 Paraguay
1983/87 Uruguay
1989 Brasil
1991/93 Argentina
1995 Uruguay
1997 Brasil
1999 Brasil
2001 Colombia
2004/07 Brasil
2011 Uruguay