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The South American Football Confederation is composed of ten national associations all of which are represented by different sections of Conmebol.  The top section is the Congress which meets every two years.  The ten associations all share equal rights among themselves and form the Executive Committee.

The associations of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, the first four from the continent, are the founding members of CONMEBOL.  The Argentine Football Association, founded in 1893, is the eighth of its kind in the world and the oldest in America. 

Despite being the smallest Confederation with only ten members, CONMEBOL possesses nine World Cups, ten under-20 World Cups, three under-17 World Cups, four in futsal, four in beach football and many other important honors on a club level and national level.   

In nine of the ten countries that make up CONMEBOL football is the number one sport. Nine Associations have participated at least once in the World Cup and all ten have organized important continental competitions like the Copa América or the U-20 South American Youth Championship.  The presidents of the associations of Uruguay, Ecuador, Argentina and Paraguay, Sebastián Bauza, Luis Chiriboga, Julio Grondona, Juan Ángel Napout.

Uruguay had the responsibility and the honor of having hosted the very first World Cup which has also been hosted by Brazil, Chile, and Argentina.  In 2014, after 36 World Cups, the tournament will return to South America with Brazil has host of the biggest sporting event on the planet. 

The ten member National Associations are the pride of CONMEBOL.